Exhibition including;
book, screen projections, sound, objects

Collaboration with
Josse Hermsen
Luc Nagel
Michelle de Leeuw
Alvaro De Ramon Murillo


Capital continuously crosses the Atlantic Ocean in split seconds, racing from it towards the most beneficial tax paradises. It cannot run out of fuel during it’s journey and it cannot be stopped by a coast patrol. Furthermore, floating capital cannot sink 5 miles off the coast of Europa.

This project explores the similarities and paradoxes between the migration of capital and the migration of people. In a handful of European economies like the Netherlands, Switzerland & the United Kingdom, tax laws facilitate tax evasion with encourages advantage of the loopholes. This results in all over the globe. At a time when economic inequality is increasing, this is a very disturbing development.

But then why was there little to none public outrage, apart form the protest in Iceland? Compare this to how the migrant crisis has been covered in Western mainstream media, and it is obvious that the news is extremely based in their reporting of these two crises.

Think of the last time migrants have been negatively portrayed in the news. Now think of the last time a story made the news about a CEO being held accountable for avoiding taxes.

Although these words seem far apart on the surface, the aim was to blur the borders between them, and expose the hypocrisy of Western altitudes.