Red: Cross ⁠— Yellow: Scandinavian cross ⁠— Blue: St. Andrew's cross
Red: Greek cross ⁠— Yellow: Star ⁠— Blue: Crescent
Red: Slant lowered belt ⁠— Yellow: Slant upraised belt⁠ — Blue: Slant belt
Red: Canton ⁠— Yellow: Border ⁠— Blue: Panel
Red: Disk ⁠— Yellow: Ring ⁠— Blue: Thin Ring
Red: Chevron low ⁠— Yellow: Chevron into mountain ⁠— Blue: Chevron into down
Red: Lying Rafter ⁠— Yellow: Rafter ⁠— Blue: Diamond
Red: Chevron ⁠— Yellow: Triangle⁠ — Blue: Trapez


Eight different flags

150 x 225 cm

In this project I started to focus on forms used on a a flag. I found out that some elements in a flag are used more often than others. I used the descriptions of these elements. I applied them to create new flags; the name of the basic form is used to describe the area.

In addition, the primary colors are applied to the flags. By using a experimental technique in combination with the riso printer, a still image of a flag gives the suggestion of movement.