Conceptual idea, speculative design
3D printed objects

30x10, 9x17, 33x18 cm

My interest in death and technology has started to grow when someone said that a digital existence starts at the moment when parents put photos of their newborn children on the internet. In doing so, I immediately asked myself, how does this work when you die?

What if there is a way to combine your biological I with your data? Facebook offers the function to download your data. I created a system that uses the data from Facebook to create new shapes. The beginning shape is always a circle and based upon the one or two values that are used inside that layer; it’s creating the outline of a whole new shape. Afther that the layers are placed on top of each other. It’s 3D printed to stay close to the digital environment. So the whole shape of the urn becomes personalized through the collected data of the person. Even the height is calculated: the longer you use Facebook the higher the layers of the urn become.

This way you also say goodbye to your online profile and give it a final resting place. Your data no longer exists in an environment where people have a daily confrontation with each other. Economically, Facebook does not earn anything from your profile when you decide to remove it, because if your profile stays up, Facebook technically still makes money from you. Next to assuming that Facebook continues to grow, in 2031 the moment when the number of deceased accounts on Facebook is bigger than the living.

My personal opinion is that we should make space for each other online. A final resting place for you, and your role in online life. In this way it no longer becomes a confrontation what you do not expect at the time, but a conscious choice.